AtCoder Beginner Contest 001

Submission #1678551

Source codeソースコード

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;

#define int long long
#define pb push_back
#define mp make_pair
#define fr first
#define sc second
#define Rep(i, n) for( int i = 0; i < (n); i++ )
#define Rrep(i, a, n) for( int i = (a); i < (n); i++ )
#define All(v) v.begin(), v.end()

typedef pair<int, int> Pii;
typedef pair<int, Pii> Pip;
const int INF = 1107110711071107;

signed main()
    int N;
    int imos[2402] = {0};

    cin >> N;
    Rep(i, N) {
        int a, b;
        scanf("%d-%d", &a, &b);
        while ( a % 5 ) a--;
        while ( b % 5 ) b++;
        imos[a]++; imos[b+1]--;

    Rrep(i, 1, 2402) {
        imos[i] = imos[i-1] + imos[i];

    int a;
    bool flag = false;
    Rep(i, 2402) {
        if ( imos[i] && !flag ) {
            a = i;
            flag = true;
        } else if ( !imos[i] && flag ) {
            cout << a << '-' << i-1 << endl;
            flag = false;

    return 0;


Task問題 D - 感雨時刻の整理
User nameユーザ名 shot
Created time投稿日時
Language言語 C++14 (GCC 5.4.1)
Status状態 WA
Score得点 0
Source lengthソースコード長 1000 Byte
File nameファイル名
Exec time実行時間 ms
Memory usageメモリ使用量 -

Compiler messageコンパイルメッセージ

./Main.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
./Main.cpp:25:30: warning: format ‘%d’ expects argument of type ‘int*’, but argument 2 has type ‘long long int*’ [-Wformat=]
scanf("%d-%d", &a, &b);
./Main.cpp:25:30: warning: format ‘%d’ expects argument of type ‘int*’, but argument 3 has type ‘long long int*’ [-Wformat=]
./Main.cpp:25:31: warning: ignoring return value of ‘int scanf(const char*, ...)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
scanf("%d-%d", &a, &b);

Test case


Set name Score得点 / Max score Cases
all 0 / 100 00_sample_01.txt,00_sample_02.txt,00_sample_03.txt,cho_cho_chokudai.txt,chokudai_ga_cho.txt,test_01.txt,test_02.txt,test_03.txt,test_04.txt,test_05.txt,test_06.txt,test_07.txt,test_08.txt,test_09.txt,test_10.txt,test_11.txt,test_12.txt,test_13.txt,test_14.txt,test_15.txt,test_16.txt,test_17.txt,test_18.txt,test_19.txt,test_20.txt,test_21.txt,test_22.txt,test_23.txt,test_24.txt,test_25.txt,test_26.txt,test_27.txt,test_28.txt,test_29.txt,test_30.txt,test_31.txt,test_32.txt,test_33.txt,test_34.txt,test_35.txt,test_36.txt,test_37.txt,test_38.txt,test_39.txt,test_40.txt,test_41.txt,test_42.txt,test_43.txt

Test case

Case name Status状態 Exec time実行時間 Memory usageメモリ使用量
00_sample_01.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
00_sample_02.txt WA
00_sample_03.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
cho_cho_chokudai.txt WA
chokudai_ga_cho.txt WA
test_01.txt WA
test_02.txt WA
test_03.txt WA
test_04.txt WA
test_05.txt WA
test_06.txt WA
test_07.txt WA
test_08.txt WA
test_09.txt WA
test_10.txt WA
test_11.txt WA
test_12.txt WA
test_13.txt WA
test_14.txt WA
test_15.txt WA
test_16.txt WA
test_17.txt WA
test_18.txt WA
test_19.txt WA
test_20.txt WA
test_21.txt WA
test_22.txt WA
test_23.txt WA
test_24.txt WA
test_25.txt WA
test_26.txt WA
test_27.txt WA
test_28.txt WA
test_29.txt WA
test_30.txt WA
test_31.txt WA
test_32.txt WA
test_33.txt WA
test_34.txt WA
test_35.txt WA
test_36.txt WA
test_37.txt WA
test_38.txt WA
test_39.txt WA
test_40.txt WA
test_41.txt WA
test_42.txt WA
test_43.txt WA